Desirable Belief: A Theology of Eros

Desirable Belief argues that eros is human and, as such, informs the Chalcedonian claim of Christ as fully God and fully human. A christological perspective that takes eros into account, in turn, affects the doctrine of the bodily ascension of Christ, the nature of resurrected bodies in heaven, and whether trinitarian impassibility is still a coherent concept.

Unborn Bodies: Resurrection and Reproductive Agency

The afterlife continues to influence Christian faith and is a concern during fragile moments of reproductive loss. However, a doctrine of resurrection that speaks to death in the womb has yet to be considered.

Abortion and Religion in Christian, Jewish and Muslim Perspectives

The articles in this Reader in Abortion and Religion, which offer a wide range of positions, voices, and scholarly perspectives, demonstrate the importance of examining how religion intersects with the topic of abortion both in the practice of religion and in the study of religion.

Abortion and the Christian Tradition: A Pro-Choice Theological Ethic

This book provides an updated and comprehensive discussion of abortion that supplies a counterargument to prolife religious claims, speaks to the burdens of pregnancy, and attempts to alleviate the stigma of abortion that is felt by many women globally who self-identify as Christian.

The Embrace of Eros: Bodies, Desires, and Sexuality in Christianity

In this volume, noted scholars and theologians assay the Christian tradition's classic and contemporary understandings of sex, sexuality, and sexual identity.

Feminist Theology and the Challenge of Difference

How can we respect the irreducible diversity of women's experiences and unmask entrenched forms of privilege in feminist theological discourse? This book offers proposals on how to address the challenge of difference for constructive theological purposes.